Personal trademark is an important subject to any professional, and an expert headshot plays a critical role. Your portrait photo will influence how others perceive you and your business. This will inevitably affect their decision whether they will work with you or not. Taking a professional portrait photo can provide your audience an invitation to do business with you. Let us be a part of this experience to connect you with your audience and clientele.


Here are some tips on what you can do before your professional portrait session:


1. If you are planning to get a haircut, it is a good idea to do so a few days prior to your session. This way, if you get a bad haircut, you will have time to recover or reschedule. Try to make sure the haircut you get is common to your usual look.


2. Get a good night’s sleep the night before so you look fresh the day of your session. It will also put you in a better mood, which can come across in your headshots.


3. Drink lots of water too for several days before your headshot session, so your skin looks better overall.


4. Make sure your makeup is subtle and not overdone. Also, if you can cover up any blemishes you do not want seen. If this cannot be accomplished with makeup, do not worry, we can clean up the image if it’s something you choose to do.


5. Avoid wearing plaids, stripes, strong colors, and generally busy clothing. Simple, natural and solid colors are best. The focus should be on you so, do not wear anything that would be a barrier to that focus. This includes too much jewelry. Also, be aware of clothing that has branding, such as logos, that might takeaway focus from you.


Tips for during the professional portrait session:


1. Naturally, your posture will come across in the photos. For business professional use, stand tall and firm but be sure you come across relaxed too. The point is to look as though you are approachable.


2. Look into the camera. This helps create a welcoming perception, demonstrates confidence, and builds trust with the viewer. Also, in almost all cases, you should have a subtle natural smile. If you are not a natural smile-person, your photographer can probably provide some tips.


If you follow these steps, you are almost guaranteed to have great headshots, a great time getting them, and to make a great impression on anyone seeing them.

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